Originally published via LinkedIn Feb 20, 2017

I find myself avoiding Facebook like the plague lately so I still like my friends and coworkers when I see them in real life. As we all know, things have been a little cray cray in world of media and politics and it feels like everyone is sharing their feelings about it. My 6-year-old comes home from school and tells us the word on the playground is that Trump is a bully and Hillary is a liar but Miss Scarritt has the best Fun Fridays.

Tension and negativity have crept into our daily lives like they’ve got seats at our dinner table.

My dad once told me that politics and religion are two topics of conversation to avoid when talking with coworkers or good friends. But he didn’t warn me that ‘husbands’ should fall under one of those categories.

The last conversation I had with my husband about politics resulted in one of us sleeping in the guest room. (Hint: it was me.) We both have strong opinions and unfortunately, they are opposite of each other. We’re still trying to figure out how we actually continued dating after our first conversation. But for the record, I’m so glad we did!

Thankfully, we actually do have a lot in common. Otherwise the last 14 years would have been really awkward and really miserable.

And the thing is, in real life, not on Facebook, we all actually have a lot in common.

No one likes the Reply All feature. Not a soul. For the love of Peter, there are like three times it should be used: confirming a giant multi-million-dollar budget, notifying the company of the need to evacuate, and possibly when someone says something during a presentation that warrants a “That’s what she said.”  

We all believe in something. Maybe it’s a Higher Power or that we are not alone in the universe or that you should fast for days to cleanse your soul. Maybe it’s the Boogie Man or the Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus, or that karma is a bitch (and she is!) or that ridiculous conspiracy theory your friends make fun of you for, or that Michael Bolton is the greatest singer on earth (hey, I don’t judge). Whatever it is, we all believe in something that we know to be true.

We have all experienced the agony of being hangry. And it isn’t pretty. There, there brethren. Here’s a cookie.

We want to be respected. Everyone wants to be respected for their thoughts, their beliefs, their education and intelligence, their self-worth and value, their talents, their ability to juggle.

We all have a ‘thing’. Perhaps you think s’mores are overrated, or you clean your house before the cleaning lady shows up so she doesn’t judge you, or you are brought to the brink of insanity when you hear loud chewing. Actually those are my things, sorry, but the point is we all have pet peeves that drive those around us bonkers.

When you eat something terrible, you have to share it. Possibly the most innately human characteristic known to man is insisting that your buddy smell or taste something immediately after you discover how horrible it is. “Oh my God, this is awful! Taste it.”

We all have a junk drawer, own a piece of Pyrex, and say Wed-nes-day in our head when we write it.

We all have the capacity to love others despite their flaws. My husband snores. Loudly. I know what you’re saying. How loud can it be? Imagine a wildebeest. Wait. No, they’re too quite. Imagine a pissed off grizzly bear. Now imagine that bear on a riding lawn mower with a running chainsaw in one paw and a radio blaring pipe organ music in the other. Oh, and a screamapillar on his shoulder. It’s that loud. But, despite that, I still really dig this guy and I always will. We all love someone that much.

Here’s to spreading a little more love around. See y’all on Facebook!

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