Ever since I was a little girl, I have been sure of two things:

1. I love to write.

2. I am a nerd.

Around ninth grade I finally lost the glasses in favor of contacts, got my braces removed, and started to make an effort to share my thoughts with the world. Read: I participated in a lot of poetry readings, people! Fast forward many years later…by day I am a marketer in the technology field, fulfilling every possible nerd dream I ever had and generally being a badass at it. I’ve retired the poetry readings in favor of panels on growing your cloud business and presenting on topics I’m passionate about from personal brand to driving revenue in the channel, and, of course, writing a blog.

My evenings are spent driving small male versions of myself to soccer practice and Cub Scouts while trying to keep a house together and stay married (to a fellow nerd, by the way).

So I thought, why not share all this through my very own blog!  I hope what you read here makes you laugh, or inspires you, or touches you in some way.

We’re all living this crazy, perfect dream together and I’d love to hear how you’re carving your path in the world!

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Stay well,